Skåne Dhol Tasha Pathak: Our Story

Dhol Tasha is a traditional Indian musical instrument ensemble.

Skåne Dhol Tasha Pathak is a group of enthusiastic Indians in Skåne, Sweden.

The group performs at various cultural events and festivals in the region.

Introduction to Skåne Dhol Tasha Pathak

We have had many memorable moments as the Skåne dhol tasha pathak - performing at cultural events, weddings, and festivals across Sweden.

Our Journey So Far

Our Values and Beliefs

We believe in inclusivity and diversity. We share a passion for Indian culture and music, and strive to spread joy and positivity through our performances.

Our Activities and Performances

Perform at various cultural events and festivals in Skåne.

Teach Indian drumming and dance to interested individuals and groups.

Organize workshops and classes to promote Indian culture and music in Skåne.

Community Outreach Programs

Skåne Dhol Tasha Pathak organizes cultural exchange events to promote Indian culture, music, and dance. Join us for a fun and enriching experience!

Future Goals and Aspirations

Our goal is to bring the joy and energy of Indian culture to Skåne. We aspire to perform at more events and expand our community outreach.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share about Skåne Dhol Tasha Pathak's activities!